Updated logo, 2021.

B2 Poster season 5, 2021.

B2 Posters season 4, 2020.

Various banners/templates season 3, 2019.

A1 Poster season 2, 2019.

scarf & A3 Risograph for ‘A take-away nacht’, 2020.

‘contrary hours’, booklet in collaboration with in-house photographer Jente Waerzeggers, 2020.


nacht is the co-run nightclub in STELPLAATS, Leuven, housed in an old bus depot. The graphic identity features numerous uses of a ‘pixel’ grid, taking cue from LED-signalisation on busses. Each season consisting of a B2 overview poster and accompanying banners. A bespoke typeface called Nyctophilia was added and expanded every other season, it currently boasts a Regular and Bold cut + a Mono style.

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